About me,

I am a student from Sri Lanka. These days I am learning programming with free resources available in internet (trying to make the quarantine useful). I recently started learning C, Python and Lisp. Well to be honest C is my favorite. Well at least for now. Python, kinds of feel like a more higher level version of C designed to make more complex proprietary like content, I don't know I just feel like that. Anyway C feel like more pure and free.

And for now I am using Debian with i3 wm on my Thinkpad T440p. I always wanted to use parabola. But first I should find a T400 or something like that to Libre boot. I tried searching for these locally, but it's very difficult to find stuff like that here. Most people here don't know how precious those old machines are. I saw there are so many machines online, but when it comes to shipping and all it is just too expensive. So I will stick with Debian for now.

I have been taking a break from all the social media, but now I got back to fediverse. It's been nice.

I think that's all.